Back from my hols

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Howdy folks, long time no hear.  Sorry I've been missing from my favourite site for a while, but I've been away on my holidays.  I spent the whole summer travelling around and enjoying the sun.  I took a few snaps along the way, but as luck would have it the prints went missing at the local chemists.  But then, without warning, the old bloke from the chemist rang me and said he'd found a few of them on the floor and I could pick them up if I still wanted them.

So I went and collected them and I thought I would share them with all my online friends.


If you have any holiday snaps that you want to share, you could post them here.


Me on the beachHaving a paddleCircles in the sandA walk on the beachThe the Taj Mahal with the lasses

Roll on next summer.

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Got my snaps back

Before starting the meat business, I managed to have a mini-weekend in Egypt and I took a few snaps along the way.  Here are a few of them.  One thing that surprised me was that the Sphinx was not as big as it looked on TV.

Taking a dipMe at the SphinxPyramids

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Hi Spidey, nice snaps. Just out of curiosity - could you let me know how much your 'mini-weekend' cost and list everything that was included in the price (travel, accomodation, snacks etc)...

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Snap Happy

Howdy friends. It's good to be back and on my favourite site. I've had a smashing summer break and you'll be glad to know I've found my holiday snaps. As usual, things never go according to plan for your local sympathetic ape. As you can see by my photos, my action of threatening the local chemist for losing the negatives was totally unfounded. How was I to know eh folks? It was only when our lass told me off for leaving photo-wrappers all over the place did I grasp the concept of this new-fangled "Polaroids" malarkey. Funnily enough, I didn't even realise I suffered with polaroids - I wouldn't dare go back to the chemist for some cream. Anyway, here's a few pics from the summer, the missus managed to salvage. We started our holidays in New York City - mimicking that famous Beatles cover on the zebra crossing. Then a tour of the Statue of Liberty (funnily enough Spidey, that's not as big as you think either - one at a time only and a bit of a tight squeeze as you can see). The last pic shows me in Benidorm with my good pals Mike Dennet and little Chick.




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Cost breakdown

Bergerac, my 'mini-weekend' included return flights to Egypt, transfers, 5 star accomodation and all meals.  It also included a corned beef sandwich to eat during the return flight.  £50 the lot.

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£50 the lot Spidey!? There can't have been much meat in the sandwich!