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Evening all.  As some of you are aware, I've been lying lo...I mean...I've been on holiday for the last couple of weeks.  What a joy it is to see how my (and Galen's, I understand) favourite website is "taking shape".  I'm sure the Administrator must be very proud at what he's achieved - exactly how he planned it, I would think.

Anyway, glad I got back in time to cast my vote in the innnapppropprpriatate dog naming poll.  It's good to see so many fantastic suggestions.  "Hitler's" fair enough I think, after all, TV's favourite dog is called Churchill.  Anyway my auntie had a budgie called Stalin...ohhhh yes.  I feel inspired to raise a question for our growing community of like minded intellectuals.  I'm sure we've all gone back to the workplace in the new year and asked the immortal question (more out of politeness than genuine interest) "did you have a nice Christmas?"  The most popular answer is normally "Quiet..." (normally said with a great deal of over-emphasis).  Now then, my pondering is as follows - what reaction does the hapless, quiet- Christmas-spender expect from you?  Is it a good thing or a bad thing to have a "quiet Christmas"?  Here's a list of answers/reactions, I'd like to hear any others...


  • Laugh out loud (surely no-one would do that though!)
  • Say "Ex-cerr-llent" and play air guitar like Bill and Ted
  • Burst into tears
  • Shake your head in disbelief and walk away in the style of the two characters in the film "Tough Guys"
  • Watch tumbleweed blow across the office as a lone church bell rings in the distance
  • Slap them across the face
  • Wish you'd never asked

Over to you... P.S. Was shocked to hear about John Nettles and Cyrano De Bergerac (no relation)

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I'd say:

  • Oh I'm sorry to hear that, I hope things get better soon.
  • Great, me too.
  • That's fantastic, wish I had.
  • Quiet...quiet, I'll give you quiet.
  • I'll quiet your backside.
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Hitler the dog

Hitler the dogThis is a little china dog with Hitler's head.  So Hitler is not an inappropriate name for a dog after all.  But that's OK because in the poll I voted for Steve, which is completely inappropriate.

Little Hitler had a quiet Christmas last year but as far as I know he hasn't told anyone yet.  Maybe that's because he's made of porcelain.

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Mike, this is fantastic. Is it part of a set? Wonder if you can buy them from the Danbury Mint? (you know the kind of company that advertises on the back of a Sunday magazine supplement). I've just completed my collection of Coronation Street memorial plates - finally receiving a beautifully illustrated Percy Sugden and his budgie, Randy.

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Bidding war

Oh, hello stranger. Have a good holiday Bergerac?

Mike, I'm offering a handsome starting bid, if this item's for sale...let's say...a pound?

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Raised bid

Very nice thank you Galen...not that it's any of your business. £1.25 for the figurine Mike...

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Awright guvnor, make it a pony

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Okay Minder, job done - I've made it a how much is your bid? GOTCHA occchhhhh...po-ho-hohhhhny...occchhhhhhh...etc.

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...and trap

Yeah, yeah very funny Noel, you muppet. My bid's a "nice little earner" if it's any of your business. Laugh - I nearly paid my licence fee!

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Yes the dog's a set

Yes Bergerac it's part of a set. Can you guess what the other items in the set are?

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Hugh Scully mentioned this beautiful set on an episode of Antiques Roadshow a while back. From what I recall there was Mussolini the cocker spaniel, Churchill the poodle and Franklin D Roosevelt the whippet. I'm keen to see the full set Mike, so please supply photos asap...

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The full set

OK Bergerac, here are photos of the full set, as featured on the Antiques Roadshow.


I think you'll all agree, you need all of them, one or two is just not enough.Hitler



If anyone would like a set they are available for sale on this site.

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What a set!

Mike. these are fantastic. My favourite (and obviously the most "well crafted") is Churchill as a poodle. I'm so impressed I'll bid £2.25 for the whole set (free P&P? Discount for cash?)

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Me old china...

You reckon 'er indoors would like these? £1.30 the lot Mike...

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Hot cakes

Hitler the teapotThese little dogs with human heads have been selling like hot cakes.  In fact, there has been so much interest in the china Hitler dog, that especially for china Hitler fans I've added another Hitler item.  It's the fantastic Hitler teapot, but stocks are limited, so order now to avoid disappointment.