Catering and complaints

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Howdy folks

Just wondering if anyone knows who did the spread for the Wookies' Christmas do last year. Great buffet. Great entertainment. Poor venue - lot of walking involved.

Speaking of complaints - I could barely wait to get onto my favourite site this morning, after much nocturnal pacing and coconut clashing, to raise a complaint with the Administrator. For the life of me, I can't remember what I was going to complain about (but I know I felt pretty strongly about it). No amount of curious nose twitching can make me recall what it was, so if 'the big A' can hazard a guess, could he please remind me...

Respectfully, Galen

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I'm perturbed

I'm perturbed by your comment Galen.

if 'the big A' can hazard a guess

I don't have a clue what you were going to complain about so unfortunately I can't remind you.  However, might I suggest that you take some time to consider the situation and if you still feel so strongly about it after that, then voice your concerns then.

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Twa things...

Ach, Galen, stop yer whingin'; there's no much wrong wi' this site. In fact, I've only found twa wee things masel'. First, the content is rubbish and second, it disnae work. thon things aside, it's perfect.

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I object!

I must object to your comments Granpaw, the site does work and...OK maybe you have a point.

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It's appropriate


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Thanks but...

Dear administrator, I love the footage of Tony Curtis's old wig wandering through Death Valley and I know you're only trying to be helpful, but my original query was more "dessert" than "desert". So if you could "waiive" an answer as soon as possible to the above queries regarding: A: Who did the spread for the Wookies' Xmas do; and B: What it was that I wanted to complain about - I would be greatly appreciative. Keep up the good work. Your friend, Galen.

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Where am I?

How did I get here? I must've taken a wrong turn somewhere. Can I order a sandwich for the journey back?