Celebrities with dubious hair

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It's been brought to my attention by one of our members that there are celebrities out there with dubious hair.  It seems that as they're merrily getting on with their lives, something not quite right is lurking on top of their heads.


Now obviously I couldn't possibly comment on such matters, but I'd like the rest of you to voice your comments.  One suggestion is that the hair of Matthew Kelly is less than real and may contains at least a few synthetic fibres.  Our member would like to point out that Paul Daniels, Bruce Forsyth and Elton John all have real hair.


Over to you lot, photographic evidence may be required.  If I get enough, I'll set up a new gallery.

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Hi pop pickers. Thought I'd submit this photo I took while I was on an undercover mission in the ITV studios. Taken just before I set up an elaborate birthday "gotcha" surprise involving exploding candles for my good friend Matthew Kelly. Ochhhhhh! I bought the cake from the BBC canteen Ochhhhhh! etc...


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Not sure I have the hang of this...

LuciferOh dear, I'm not sure I fully understand this one but here goes. Here's a picture of my cat, Lucifer, wearing a wig; or is he? that's for you to decide!

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Help ma boab!

Pat with wigThat Witch-king chappie is a richt ane, is he no'? I mind a wee while back we had a Witch-king oorselves.  He wis a sasenach wha' wis sneekin' across the border frae the north o' England tae steal pepperies.  His name wis the Witch-king o' Alnwick. Onyway, here's a photo of ma favourite character, Postman Pat, wearin' whit looks tae me like a wig, richt enough!

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BeyonceHi, Folks, take a look at this picture of Beyonce with what looks like a wig that's either too tight or else it's been stuck on with Evostick!

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I think it's a wig

Dog with wigI think this little fella might have artificial hair.  Not sure if he's a celebrity but he should be.  Anyway, if it's good enough for the Witch-King of Angmar, then it's good enough for me.

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Yip, it's a rug

Nicola's WigErnie WiseI reckon this is a wig.  It's the lovely Nicola from  Lass's  Girls Aloud.  For some reason, although I'm sure she has real hair, she wears this obvious wig.  Maybe she is completely bald in real life or has what's known in the business as a dolls-hair beard on her head.  Who knows.


And of course the fantastic Ernie Wise, who is probably the original celebrity wig wearer.  Throughout his career his on-screen partner Eric Morecombe, made out he wore a wig.  He mentioned it at every opportunity and even made it look like it was moving on his head.  Quality stuff.


In the video clips section there is a classic Morecombe and Wise clip.

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I'd like to point out that even though it looks as though he does, Mike Flowers (him who wrote 'Wonderwall' - later to be covered The Oasis's) does NOT wear a wig, but due to an an inexplicable 'X-Men' type mutation has the ability to grow real nylon from his follicles...

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Sir Terry

Need I say more...Sir Terry Wogan. Sir Terry "Wig"an more like...Ochhhhhhhhh!

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Good afternoon friends. I've always had my suspicions about my local GP, Dr Zaius...

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...and he sports a "doll's hair beard" or "DHB" to the professionals. Can we, dear administrator, have a future feature on DHB's?

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If I'm not mistaken, the bewigged canine above is Mike Flowers's dog 'Alan'

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Another Dog...

AmyHere's Amy Winehouse after a late night out...

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...and the saga continues...

I think I'm getting the hang of this forum business now, so I wanted to pick up on a comment made by Grandpaw about the Witch-king of Alnwick, who was actually a student of mine; and a rather poor one at that.  I gave him the assignment of tormenting the population of Scotland and when he returned he ratherly smuggly handed me a packet of mints, saying he'd taken them without paying.  Well, I concluded that if that's the best he could manage then he obviously wasn't going to make it as a Ringwraith, so I cast him into the fires of Mount Doom, which is a programme we have available to us in Mordor for permanent staff reduction.  To make matters worse, he had a dog he called Poopsie Woopsie (see photo).

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Tak' a look o' this...

George LancasterHere's George Lancaster, whae has a wig which is so awfy that he has tae wear a bunnet tae keep it doon!

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Better get to Polyfilla

Dolly's obviously got more dubious bits than just her hair. If I was going to have plastic surgery I certainly wouldn't ask to look like Bugs Bunny...

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Head & Chest

HasselhoffHere's David Hasselhoff sporting a full body wig...

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Blimey Wyle E, he's got more hair than me and our lass put together!
That photo's inspired me though - a brown and tan sheepskin throw would look good on my black leather lazyboy...

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Is that his real name?

Is that dog above really called 'Alan'?  If he is then that's an incredibly inappropriate name for a dog.  Which gives me an idea, maybe you could all suggest inappropriate dog names and then I could run a poll of the best 5 or so and see which you all think is best.  You can leave your suggestions here.

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My mate wears a wig

ElvisHere is a mate of mine that claims to have real hair, but I have my suspicions.