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Howdy folks, had a busy few days going through all my collectables or "junk" as our lass calls it, trying to find the photos of me dressed as Kojak at my auntie's do a few years ago. So far, no luck dear friends, but fear not I'll keep looking. Need your help though - I've been invited to a barbie at the weekend and was wondering if it was acceptable to wear a pastel jumper draped casually over my shoulders? Sincerely Galen

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It's fine as long as...

Draped jumper and popped collarIt's fine to drape a thin-knit pastel jumper around your shoulders as if it were a cape, as long as you also wear a casual shirt with the collar sticking up, known as a popped collar.  It's a great look and this guy has pulled off the exact effect you were asking about, so aye, a draped jumper.

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Smart as a dart mate