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Howdy folks...Galen here. As you will all be aware - I'm known for my facial expressions throughout Shields. My best ones being "sympathetic eyes" and "inquisitive nose twitching". But who's your favourite sympathetic ape? Obviously I hope I get your vote. And remember, if you're unsure of what an ape is - don't be afraid to ask...I'm always sypathetic.

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My vote goes to Droopy

Howdy Galen.
My favourite sympathetic ape is Droopy.  I think he's an ape anyway, but if not he is definitely sympathetic.  Actually looking at him now he may be more benevolent than sympathetic.  Maybe you could clarify ?

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Mmmmmm. I've been doing a lot of curious nose twitching about this and after much coconut clashing I've decided to be sympathetic towards your suggestion of Droopy. I always thought he was a dog, but as your attached photo shows him standing upright on two legs I think he must be an ape after all. Fair comment.

Yours sympathetically


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Sympathetic ape

My favourite sympathetic ape would be this little fella. It's my old mate DLT...occchhhhh! Just kidding - it's not really the old "hairy cornflake". But speaking of which - I think I ate a few of those last time I had breakfast in the BBC canteen...occchhhhh!
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Full of sympathy

This dude looks fairly sympathetic, or maybe less of the sym.

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Poor wee lad...?

I think you will agree that although this wee lad is by no means the original sympathetic ape, he is indeed the ultimate!

I don't think I've ever seen sympathy like it, ape or otherwise.

By the looks of him, he's not too happy with the dude above.

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It is with heavy heart and curiously twitching nose that I hand over my crown and my "golden coconuts" to the poor wee lad above. I may have been the original, but he surely is the ultimate sypathetic ape. FYI it's not that he's not happy with the fella above him - but he's showing sympathy towards him. Much needed if you ask me.

Might I suggest a "poor lad" competition?

Posh for captain. Galen