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Michty!  Nae sooner hae the words left ma mooth an' thon Administrator laddie has posted ma auld advertisements.  An' braw they look tae!  Ye widnae credit it that these actually appeared in print in days gone by!  Ane o' 'em I cut oot the Sunday Post masel'!


Onyway, I hope ye a' enjoy 'em an' if ony o' ye fowk hae some auld stuff which will gi' a'body a laugh then jist get it posted here in ma wee blog.


An' by the way, in case ony o' ye think thon lassie in the last picter looks familiar, that's big Dottie McClump afore she had her wee accident wi' farmer Black's harvester...


Auld ad 1

Auld ad 2

Auld ad 3

Auld ad 4

Auld ad 5

Auld ad 6

Auld ad 7

Auld ad 8

Auld ad 9

Auld ad 10

Auld ad 11

Auld ad 12

Auld ad 13

Auld ad 14

Auld ad 15

Auld ad 16

Auld ad 17

Auld ad 18

Auld ad 19

Auld ad 20

Auld ad 21

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Gadzooks indeed. These modern day adverts are far too politically correcte for one's liking like...

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Number 7 is my favorite!  I love lard; there's nothing quite like the way is squishes between your teeth when you take a bite.  As a kid I remember walking down Ocean Road with a half-pound block of lard in hand, munching as I strolled along without a care in the world.  You can keep your ice cream cornets and your bags of chips; lard is it as far as I'm concerned.


LardThere was a time when lard was much more popular and in Shields folk used to congregate at Frankie's Cafe for a lard carry-out.


But now lard is making a comeback and rumor has it that our very own Spiderman is planning to open 'Spidey's Meat and Lard Bar' down on the sea front...