Horace horrors

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As I mentioned earlier, my fave Broon is Horace - but I can't bear to see him in close-up, and much prefer to glance at him from a distance (ideally out the corner of my eye). I believe the administrator has photographic evidence to back my case, and would be grateful if he could display it on this very site.

Another thing, does anyone recall the various "celebrity" appearances in The Broons over the years? All in extreme "Horace-style" close up in the last frame, typically. Such great luminaries as Marti Pellow and Muriel Gray have graced the pages. But do you recall any others?


Who would you like to see making an appearance? Maybe long-lost, thrifty cousin Gordon who's been holding down a top job in fancy London for the past few years?


Over to you lot...

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Photographic evidence

Close up of Horace BroonMy researchers have come up with this image Bergerac, I hope it fits the bill.

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Oh dear...that's the one...pech...

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Not so easy, mind ye...

It wis aye a a task tae get fowk tae agree tae appear in The Broons. Ane charatcter we tried an' tried tae convince wis that laddie wi' thae muckle great nose an' feet wi' a wee red van. Postman Pat wis his name. A' the Broons loved tae watch him. Ma favourite character wis George Lancaster; whit a scunner he wis!

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Bring me sunshine

I'd like to see the late Eric Morecambe make an appearance. I reckon the story line would include Hen doing the 'Bring me sunshine' dance with extra long legs.  Have you ever noticed that if Hen is going to do something with his legs in a story, they are always extra long and skinny from the first frame.


In the video clips section there is a classic Morecombe and Wise clip.