I'm back!

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I'm back folks, rebooted for the new decade.  This time don't expect any sympathy from me.  I'm bad like Michael Jackson and I've got a story to tell.  Read the full story here now.

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Elevated rights

GALEN 2.0, consider your rights elevated.  (Nice image by the way.  Now that Jacko's gone, there's space for a new Jacko/Ape combo)

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My story relies heavily on

My story relies heavily on being illustrated by a series of photographs taken over the last year since the event I call 'Shields-gate' so dear administrator, please can you allow me to upload these all important pics? Thankoo...

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I'm back, too!

I'm fed up with being a rock star.  There's far too much sex and booze and drugs and not enough real destruction.  And I'm none too pleased with some of the characters who have infiltrated this site since my last visit.  C'mon, Norman, we have some hunting to do...

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As thick as thieves...

Michty, wid ye credit it!  That muckle great tall laddie is back an' in nae tae fine a mood if I hae tae say it masel'.


Onyway, whit wis I aboot tae say?  Ach, yes, I wis messin' aboot in ma shed an' I happened upon a box full of auld advertisements frae days gone by.  Whit a laugh they turned oot tae be, so I mailed 'em aff tae thon Administrator laddie an' asked if he could set 'em a' up on this site in a wee 'Granpaw's auld stuff' spot (I'm no' sae guid wi' all this new-fangled saftware stuff, masel').  Watch oot for it soon!  But dinna hauld yer breath; thon Administrator laddie is no the fastest thing on twa legs.


I'm aff doon tae the boolin' club tae see if thon Witch-king laddie shows his face (I hope he keeps his mask an, tae be frank, he's enough tae mak' big Jessie McDrookit look like a charmer)...