I'm in business

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It may (or may not) have come to your attention that I am a little more that lucky when it comes to the meat draw in the local club.  So much so that I sometimes have more meat in my possession than I know what to do with.  So I got to thinking, how could I shift some of it.  It was whilst I was making the final preparations to a spread for the pie and pea supper, that the inspiration hit me.  I should start my own business and be the ultimate purveyor of meats to both the trade and the public.  (Not sure who the original purveyor of meats would be but if you have any suggestions, you know what to do.)


My new logo

But why am I telling you all this?  Well I need your help with a new logo for my new business.  I've thrown together what I believe to be, something unique and original, but I'm sure one of you lot could do better.


I think you'll agree that I have achieved both the criteria and managed to get an image of myself in too for good measure.


If you think you can do better than my efforts (or even if you think you can't) then make your submission here and you could be part of something really big.  If you submit the winning entry, then you could win a weeks supply of meat.


So what are you waiting for! 

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Business is business...

Spiderman MeatI'm partial to a bit of meat and if I don't have to chase it then all the better!  Here's my entry...

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Business as usual

Nice work. Here's my two penneth...

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Monkey business

SpidermeatGood luck with your new venture Spidey.  I think I have hit the nail on the head with my entry.  If this doesn't pull in the punters, I don't know what will.

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Unnatural business...

No more designs from me I'm afraid, but a rather bizarre occurence happened yesterday.

During a spot of lunch, I noticed this rather familiar image in a seam of fat running through my shop-bought processed meat. Granted, not fine meat (as purveyed by our friend Spidey) far be it from me to suggest conspiracy theories but I can't help thinking sinister things are afoot. You be the judge...

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Mind yer ain business

Meat R UsAch, Spidey, laddie, This is whit ye're lookin' for, richt enough, is it no?