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Hi friends!

I wanted to brighten your new year blues by setting a little quiz for you all.  It's not as easy as you think putting on a quiz, but I think you'll agree it's well worth while.  I've only thought of three questions so far, but I'll add more over the next few days or maybe you lot could make some suggestions too.


Anyway, here goes.


1. Which of these X-men were last seen in Shields at the butchers in New Green Street ?
    a. Wolverine
    b. Proffessor X
    c. Jean Grey


2. Which of these dog breeds put you in mind of the celebrity Cilla Black ?
    a. Old English Sheepdog
    b. King Charles Spaniel
    c. Red Setter


3. What would you normally get for winning a pie eating competition ?
    a. A fiver
    b. A piever
    c. Nee supper


Answers will be posed in a few weeks when you lot have had your fun!

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Oh me, me, me...I know all the answers...where's my prize?


Obvious answers are as follows...


1) a - Wolverine...a dab hand at slicing meat when annoyed. Spidey should poach him from the New Green Street butchers though. Funnily enough friends, I was watching X-Men 2 the other day with my mam. She nodded off towards the end and when she woke up she asked me what had happened. When I told her that Jean Grey had died, she went all reminiscent, saying "eeeh me and Jean Grey go back years", was surprised she hadn't seen it in the Shields Gazette and said she would send some flowers to the crem.


2) c - Red setter


3) You trickster! The answer is a, b and c. However might I cordially point out a spelling error in the third answer. I've been on the phone to Bobby Q Knoxall for verification and the correct spelling is 'ne..hee ss...uu..pppp..ahhhhhhhhhh' (to fade)


Here's my fun teaser folks:


Where would you find 'Habilis'?


a) in somebody's heart (alongside that incredible shrinking doctor with a tache and glasses)


b) in the desert, paying untoward attention to a Landrover, during a spot of bad news in prehistoric times


c) in the desert, paying untoward attention to a Landrover, during a Norman Wisdom impersonators convention



P.S. Happy new year to all, your friend Galen

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You got them all right!

Nice one Galen, you got them all right.  And the answer to your little teaser is clearly C.