Mind ye...

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I wis in the post offfice tae collect ma pension when in bursts this chappie puffin' an' blawin' aboot needin' a passport tae fly af tae some foreign holiday.  Wha cares?  Wha would want tae fly all the way tae thon exotic place jis' tae find some dunderhied frae Auchtermuchty stayin' next door?  That's why I aye head up tae the but an' ben in the highlands.  Braw scenery, nae fowk for miles an' jist a few billion flies if the rain ever stops an' the sun comes oot...

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The But n' Ben is Braw

Sounds like a great holiday destination Grandpaw, do you rent it out to people?  I was just thinking, it seems a bit strange that you have a fairly poor everyday lifestyle, yet have a second home in the highlands.

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A wee bit o' history...

But an' BenOch, aye, laddie, oor but an' ben is a braw place richt enough. It's been in ma family since it wis given tae ma great granpaw, Hamish McTavish Broon, by the Laird o' Invermichty as a reward for catchin' poachers whae were guddlin' his salmon. It's a wee bit run doon but it's in a braw spot an' a bus ride frae Auchtermuchty. Mind ye, I may hae a simple lifestyle but we Scots ken well how tae keep oor money weel hidden!

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The But an' Ben

Thanks for the 'photograph' of the But an' Ben Granpaw, it looks great.