Noel's 'Kwikky Kwiz Kwestion'

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Occccchhhhhh...Hi pop pickers. ROCK-A-DOODLE-DOO! Here's a teaser for you lot - back in the "Golden Age" of Radio 1, my fab old friend Jimmy Saville hosted a quiz with the mysterious Uncle Ted in a real pub OPEN BRACKET - no sound effects in those days - CLOSED BRACKET...ochhhh. There's a prize for the first person to expose the identity of Uncle Ted and an extra point for the name and location of the pub where it was broadcast from. I fancy a pint there as the background banter always sounded so exciting. Get to it kids...

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I know the pub

The pub was called the 'Poachers Pursestrings' in a village called Londonshire Mead. Good food, great beer and even better pub-mix banter. Uncle Ted's real name is Uncle Tedshire OPEN BRACKETS nee Londonshire CLOSE BRACKET. Hope that helps.

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Tumbleweed awardGOTCHA Noel !  I'm afraid you have been awarded this weeks tumbleweed award for your blog post.  Mainly because there has only been one comment and that was me being nice.

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Ochhhhhhhh. Where did you get that aerial footage of my old mate, The Hairy Conflafe, cycling in Lanzarote?