Originals and Ultimates

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The other day I was thinking to myself and I happened to realise that with almost everything in life, there is the first of something and the best of something.
But what's it all about ?

So for example, there's the original computer (Konrad Zuse's Z1) and the ultimate computer (the one that controls the Starship Enterprise!).  I call this phenomenon the 'Original & Ultimate Experience', although I'm sure you have your own name for it. Wink

I thought that maybe you people out there have some equally good examples and I know for sure, that you would like to share them with everyone.  So what are you waiting for?

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Original:  Jimmy Savile. (now then now then)
Ultimate:  Vicky Pollard.
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Original: Toyah Wilcox
Ultimate: Lionel Blair
(A wheeler is someone that gets wheeled out on TV shows and that's all they do now.)
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Good idea. My suggestions would be 'The original and ultimate finger-clicking, easy arm mover'. The original being Dean Martin and the ultimate being the great Eric Morecambe.

The original 'over-sized glasses wearer' must be Elton John by default. But there's a long list of 'ultimates' - (all in their latter years) Harry Secombe, Dean Martin, Leslie Crowther, him from Beverley Artistes. Who would get your vote?

Here's another one for you though - I know for a fact that the original 'do anything' "celebrity/celebrities" is/are the Hamiltons, but who is/are the ultimate?

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Ultimate Computer...

My vote for the ultimate computer goes tae the HAL-9000 oot o' 2001 a Space Odyssey. He wis braw an' didnae sing badly either. That thing oot o' thon Starship Enterprise is so saft it hastae be an Apple.

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Original/Ultimate Car

The original of the modern day car would have to be Henry Ford's 'Model T' and contenders for the ultimate are the Batmobile and Knight Rider's KIT. Actually, KIT's driver, David Hasselhoff, should qualify as ultimate in the category 'talentless people' but who is the original? Max Bygraves?...

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Car / Talentless people
What a quality pair of suggestions from Coyote!
Original: Henry Ford's 'Model T'.
Ultimate: Knight Rider's KIT.
Talentless people
Original: Max Bygraves
Ultimate: David Hasselhoff
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Sad to hear that Tony Hart died yesterday. I'm sure we'll all agree he was the original AND ultimate TV artist.

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Too true!

Tony Hart
1925 - 2009

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The real ultimate computer

Hang on...wasn't the ultimate computer "Mr Babbage" off Family Fortunes. Now there's another Max Bygraves tie-in...

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Ultimate car

Ultimate car must be the one that Madness sang about (you know - the one that wasn't "quite a Jag-u-ar"). It may not have been quite a Jag-u-ar, but the air-con was so powerful that Suggs was last seen on TV encased in a giant block of ice and shivering convincingly.

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I don't believe it !

What rubbish.  As if an accomplished artist and songwriter like Suggs would every stoop so low as to appear on a TV advert, posing as the new Captain Birdseye.  As if that wasn't hard enough to believe, its suggested he was in a block of ice, of all things.  Utter rubbish.

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A Suggestion


I'd like to put myself forward for the role...only joking...GOTCHA! Occchhhhhh! etc...

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Scary People...

Wee Willie WinkieWitch-kingOriginal: Wee Willy Winkie

Ultimate: The Witch King of Angmar

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Tony Hart

Weel said Bergerac! An' Tony wis also responsible for anither original as weel.  That wee laddie Morph wha lived in a pencil box wis the original 'clay character'.  The ultimate clay characters are Wallace an' Gromit.

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I got a good one, I got a good one.

The original spaceman is Neil Armstrong and the ultimate spaceman is my mate Buzz Lightyear.

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TV Quiz Show prizes...

CrackerjackThe original was the 'Crackerjack' pencil and the ultimate appears to be about a million quid!

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Michael Jackson Moonwalker

Original moon-walker

Ultimate moon-walkerThe original moonwalker is Neil Armstrong and the ultimate moonwalker is Michael Jackson.

Michael sadly passed away yesterday, within days of the 40th anniversary of the original moonwalk.




Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009