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Evening all. I was thumbing through a copy of the Shields (where?) Gazette the other day and thought you all might enjoy this pic from the 'On the Town' section. As I'm sure you'll all agree, it was a great Christmas do (even though I wasn't there, because I didn't know where it was) and this pic certainly sums it up.  Witchy and Mike mugging to the camera, Galen getting in the way (as always). Spiderman wooing the ladies. Minder and Granpaw chatting up the same AWT wearing lass (the party hat of choice - even for Liberace!) and Sir Noel being generally annoying at the back. It was good to see such a bevvy of beauties and surprised to see our old friend Danny "L.A" Rue take a break from his current chart success and showing up to belt out his new hits 'Bulletproof' and 'Going in for the Kill' backed by the Witch Kings Band.


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Yes it was some 'do'

Oh yes Bergerac, it was quite a do.  Here's a snap I got the administrator to take later in the evening, when things were hotting up a bit.  They were all up on the stage singing "New York, New York", it was great to see the lads back together again.

Xmas do 2009