Public apology and appeal

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Howdy folks, your friend Galen here. First of all, I'd like to say it's good to be back. I've been lost for the past couple of weeks in a haze of cheap beer. I should never have had that second can.


Apparently I disgraced myself by logging on to my favourite website and signing a bawdy rendition of that Chris De Burgh classic "the Bearded Lady". For that dear friends...I apologise. Me being a holiday snaps bore, thought you might like to see this gem Sir Noel took of me during our recent trip...


Also I am curiously nose twitching and clashing my coconuts at the sudden disappearance of approximately 33.3% of website regulars of late. Where are you folks? I'm guessing Granpaw's spending a bit of quality time with the family at the Butt an' Ben, and hopefully WK's tracking down the Witch Queen of New Orleans for that pound...or recording his album.


Good news - I'm going to be organising the website's Christmas do soon (all in good time I know), so hope to see you all there. The Administrator will be sending his roving media man with his camera to capture the various hi-jinks. Not to be missed, the spread is going to be out of this world...apparently. Just don't let me at the ale!


All the very best wishes, Galen.

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Good idea for a do

Hi Galen and welcome back. I have to say that in your holiday snap, your body looks a lot less hairy that I imagined, do you get it waxed or sugared maybe? I think the members Christmas do is a great idea, I can't wait to see the spread. Let me know the date as soon as possible, as I already have the Monsters Inc Company Ball and the Pittsburg Pie and Pea Supper to attend.

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Hair today...gone tomorrow

Thanks for your kind words Mike. Yes, I went to my local beauty salon just before my recent's a great place, highly recommended. I went for the sugaring method. They do pets too - I got my new dog Sir Alan done while I was there. Sir Alan "sugared". Can you imagine that son? I'm open to ideas for dates for the Christmas do. As for the venue, I'm thinking of my local working men's club, don't worry, I'm affiliated so I can sign you all in. But please be aware it might be a pound on the door. Best regards, Galen.

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I'm in!

I'm definitely going to the do. I had a great time at Granpaw's pie and pea supper. Also, I've heard that many folk never return home from a night at a working men's club, so if a few should end up in the Fires of Mount Doom none would be any the wiser.


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Fancy Dress?

Will it be fancy dress? We could organize something where each of us proposes what the others should wear! I can't wait to see Galan as Kojak!  Who loves ya, baby?

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Howdy friends. My coconuts are clashing ninety to the dozen, I'm so excited at the favourable response to the Christmas do. It'll be great to see you all there. Fancy dress! What a great idea. Funny you should mention Kojak though Wyle, I went as him to my aunty's 60th a few years ago. I'll see if I can dig out the photo over the weekend and post it on my favourite site. Take care everyone, Galen.

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Count me in

I'll be at the do, I love a lovely spread.  Speaking of which if any meat is needed, I'm your man.  Fancy dress is an interesting suggestion, but I'm a bit worried about who to go as.  Maybe if Galen waives the Kojak option, I could go as him.

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Ape japes

Great news Spidey, I can hardly wait. I'll put the meat order in nearer the time (in the interest of freshness). As for the Kojak idea, in the interest of fairness, I'll waiive the costume to you in the post so you can try it on and take a photo of yourself in it. We could then ask our friendly Administrator to publish said pics and set up an exciting poll for the members to decide who makes the best Kojak. If you don't mind me asking, though, could you please waiive the outfit back to me once you're finished with it (it's my nephew's 8th birthday party next weekend). Respectfully, your friend Galen.

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Crimbo catering

Don't worry about the catering pop pickers, I've got contacts at the BBC canteen. Ochhhhhhhh...just kidding....GOTCHA!

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Can't wait to see it

Galen, I can't wait to see you as Kojak with your 60 year old auntie in that photo you talked about.  I too have been to many fancy dress do's, I'll dig out a photo I have of a recent one and post it.

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What a treat

Mike that would be fantastic. I'd be particularly interested to see one of you as "Miss Clay" from the famous Madness video 'House of Fun'. I know it's a long shot but here's hoping...

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I've waived it back

Kojak costumeThanks for the Kojak outfit Galen.  I've tried it on as instructed and taken a photo, as you can see.  I'm not sure it's me, maybe you should just wear it, so I've waived it back.  Thanks again.

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Nice try, Spidey, but no impersonation of Kojak can be complete without the ubiquitous lollipop.  I'm sure that's why the outfit isn't working for you..

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At last...


Howdy friends, Galen here. Thought you might like to see this photographic gem I'v eventually unearthed - I think my outfit went down well that evening, my elderly aunty loved it - especially when I came out with the great man's catchphrase over the mic..."Who love's ya lady". Nice try Spidey, but Wyle's look exactly like Kojak in every way other than the lack of a lolly. Where's that 'Miss Clay' pic coconuts are clashing in anticipation...

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Looks like a great do

Thanks for finally posting the picture Galen.  Based on the expressions of people in the background (especially the guy far right), it looks like it was a great do.  Might I say, your Auntie is a bit of a looker, how long ago was that shot taken?

Who loves ya baby!  (Miss Clay photo to follow)