A right old quandry

Minder's picture

What am I gonna get for 'er indoors?

Spiderman's picture
I'll sort your quandry

What about:
A typewriter with ribbons that was worn by Lady Di, or
A lovely piece of steak for when she whacks you in the eye.
Speaking of which I could sell you some steak that I won in the meat draw down the club.

Mike Wazowski's picture
I know what to get

Get some lovely Hong Kong made, genuine Paris knickers.

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Minder yer own business

Don't give me your problems, cos this one's yours.

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What about a set of my lovely dogs

What about a set of my lovely china dogs, including Hitler dog, Mussolini the cocker spaniel, Churchill the poodle and Franklin D Roosevelt the whippet.  I'm sure 'er indoors wil love them, who wouldn't.

Minder's picture
luvvly jubbly

Done (I 'ave been). £1.35 that's yer final offer for the lot Mike...