Strange but true. Has anyone else seen this?

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Does anyone else recall the Star Wars Christmas special from the late 70s?
See attached TV screen grab for a reminder...

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I have indeed

Strange as it may seem, I have seen this fantastic show. I found myself staring at the screen wondering three things.
1. What was going on.
2. Why it was so poorly made, and
3. Why I was watching it!
It was worth it in the end though, as the "Wookys' Christmas Do" sequence was beautiful. Laughing

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I was in it

Seen it? I was IN it! Not really - Occchhhhhh! GOTCHA! - I was presenting Christmas TOTP at the time...and eating...wait for it...BBC potatoes...Occchhhhhh!

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Nice one Noel

Nice one Noel, you certainly GOTCH me there.  Oh the heady days of the BBC canteen and the wealth of jokes that came from it.  I was actually in Greece when that TOTP was shown, just like the potatoes...Occchhhhhh!