The all-weather turban (AWT)

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Yes, I know what you're thinking; "has Wyle E. gone completely nuts? Why has he posted a photograph of a completely normal individual who is clearly not wearing any form of hairpiece?" Well, that's the reaction of everyone who comes across the famous All-weather Turban (AWT) for the first time.

All-weather turban (AWT) If you look very closely you will notice that the 'celebrity' is wearing the ultimate in headgear. Conceived around 12 years ago in USA, the idea was to develop a one-size-fits-all piece of headgear that was completely weatherproof and enabled the wearer to perform any activity while being totally unobtrusive. I'm sure you will agree that the inventor has admirably achieved those goals.


Why buy a wig, a hat and an umbrella when you can have them all in one piece of headgear that folds small enough to fit in your pocket and is virtually indestructable?


The AWT comes with a lifetime guarantee and normally retails at $50 but you can order from this site for $19.99 and that's not all; if you order today we will include a second AWT free of charge except for shipping and handling.

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Great item

That's a great item Wyle and for a limited time, it's at a great price.

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Ach, Wyle E. ye dinnae happen tae ken if thae AWT chappies are lookin' for an agent in the Highlands? I'm after a wee job and I could keep the stock in ma garden shed. I reckon thon headgear would be a guid seller in these parts where it never stops rainin'.

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Two questions...

Firstly do the AWT's come in different colours and secondly what colour is the one pictured above on the head of the 'celebrity' ?

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Colors & Styles

The AWT comes in two styles, the 'summer' version, shown above and the 'winter' version. The summer version comes only in the color shown, which is called 'dusty white' and is naturally weathered. The winter version covers the ears and is reversible and can be worn black side out or blue side out. For those who haven't recognized him yet (the AWT also helps promote anonimity) the 'celebrity' is actually Clint Eastwood.

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AWT Order

Put me down for one of each - need to disappear for a haven't see me, right?

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Eastwood, oh yes of course

Clint Eastwood, oh yes of course, I knew his face was familiar.

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Selling like hot cakes

The AWT has been selling like hot cakes, so much so, that I sent my roving media-man out to see if he could get some photographs of the AWT in use.  He didn't let me down.


Here's everyone's favourite magician Paul Daniels and his lovely wife Debbie.

Paul Daniels


And the presenters of MasterChef otherwise known as this pair.


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Off to Leicester Square

Next he was off to Leicester Square where all the latest movies are premiered with red carpet glamour.


First up was everyone's favourite action man Harrison Ford:

Harrison Ford


And of course Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt:

Angelina Joile

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Next, outer space

He then zoomed off into outer space and got this rare shot of ET:



It's quite remarkable just how far this product has gone, in such a short space of time.

(Please note that the buy one get one free offer and the lifetime guarantee is not available on inter-galactic orders.)

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Satisfied customer

It's size does fit all! I must congratulate the manufacturers on such a quality product.

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All the rage

Found this photo of The Sweeney with his lovely wife 'Minder' (strange name for a lass?). The Sweeney looks slightly annoyed that she's chosen to wear her AWT though, still I suppose you can't please everyone...


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Will it fit over my crown?

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Design flaw with AWT

I think you may have discovered a flaw in the AWT my friend.  Maybe the 'one size fits all' claim is invalid.  I don't think it will fit over WK's crown.

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Problem Solved...

WK with AWTI had to remove my mask and put my crown over the AWT, but it fits fine and why do I need my mask for protection if I'm wearing an AWT?

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I stand corrected

OK WK, I stand corrected, one size does fit all.  And might I say that you're a good looking lad with your mask off !