The Tallest Man on Earth

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I was watching Jools Holland recently and one of his guests was the Tallest Man on Earth.  I was rather intrigued by this, because really to me he didn't seem that tall, although the producers were very careful not to show him standing next to anyone, so that a fair height comparison could be created. I suppose this was Jools insistence, because in UK there is the Trade Descriptions Act, which prevents any business claiming something which is in fact not true.  Perhaps in Sweden you can claim anything you like.

Anyway, all this got me thinking that maybe on this site we (the members) could all make claims, which may or may not be true but which could  not be disproved; either because it was too difficult or, more likely, nobody really cares.

So, to get things started here is my claim: I am the most sensible person in the universe.

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That's an easy ane...

Michty, Wyle E., I couldnae help thinkin' the exact same thing when I saw that laddie on Jools Holland.  He disnae look ony taller than PC Murdoch, an' he's no' as tall as big Jessie McGrimace in her stockin' feet!  Onyways, I think I can state withoot fear o' contradiction that I am the auldest man on earth (still living, I should hae mentioned...)

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Quite perplexing...

Hmmm...  It's all very well for you human types who actually live on earth but it's a little more complex for me.  I'm not a man in the strict Biblical sense and neither do I spend all of my time on earth, preferring as I do you exist in limbo from time-to-time.  In any case I have given it some thought and I think I can state without the slightest risk of prosecution that I am the tallest being that ever visited Shields on horseback.  Yes, I know it's tenuous but my insurance premiums are high enough as it is...

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Can I just say...

Based on the fact that I am only about 24 inches tall, that bloke on Jools Holland was a giant.  And if he says he is the tallest man on Earth, then who am I to argue?  Anyway, one thing that I can say for sure, I'm the funniest person in the hall of mirrors. 

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No problem

This is so easy.  I've won more meat in the meat draw at the club, than anyone else in Shields.

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I'm the best website Administrator on Earth!