The Three Lads from Shields...

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I wis thinkin' that whit's missin' frae this wee site is a regular cartoon spot... wha better tae dae ane than maself; after a', I hae ower 70 years o' experience! An' as ye wid expect I'll need the help o' all the members tae suggest the subject matter. Tae get things goin' here's an example o' whit we're lookin' for. It's ca'd 'Three Lads frae Shields' and is a' about the imaginary antics o' three o' the members o' this site. O' course, ye can think up ony o' yer own characters, as weel.
So get thon pencils out an' let's see whit ye can a' come up with. I'm sure that wee administrator laddie will be organizing a pole tae pick the best entry...


 Three Lads from Shields


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Great idea Granpaw

Nice idea Granpaw, I'm sure this will turn into a popular section of the site.

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My three penneth

Shields Lads

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Art dear...

Evening all. On a similar note, my cousin from northern parts claims that famous pop-artist Roy Lichtenstein was born, and had a studio, in Shields (wherever that is) and has emailed me this "proof". It's his famous 1964 piece entitled "Ohhh...Alright..." alongside the original piece (found in Galen's Mam's loft) created in 1963, which had to be re-worked and re-named (for reasons unknown) to appeal to the international market...