The Witch-king's Album

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Hello, Everyone, I'm starting to get a little bored after spending the last few millennia casting folk into the Fires of Mount Doom, so I thought I'd like to branch out and record an album of cover songs.

WK and FriendSince the members here have been so welcoming I'd like you all to be involved by making suggestions for the title of the album and the tracks I should cover.  I'd also like you to submit ideas for the album artwork and the Administrator has agreed to arrange a poll of the best submissions.  Clearly, I'd like your ideas to reflect my charm and character, so I've included a photograph of myself to provide you with inspiration (I'm the one on the right; the big chap on the left is my field beast, Norman).  Also, to get things going, I'm thinking that Deep Purple's 'Into the Fire' could be one the tracks I cover.

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Cover versions

I'd love to hear your version of my all time party favourite 'Chain Reaction' by Diana Ross. Whenever I hear that at a do, I'm straight up. I think you could definitely "make it your own" as it were.

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What about...

What about 'The final countdown' by Europe.  In the video, you could fly around the arena on Norman.

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Hi 'Dubya' K. Oocchhhhh! Got the lads in the BBC art studio to knock up this idea, I think it reflects your new more mellow image...

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More artwork

The Angmar ThreeThis is what immediately springs to my mind for the album artwork for your new album WK.  Hope it meets with your approval.


Track listing:

1. Lord of the Nazgûl Dance

2. Hopelessly Devoted to Rivendell.

3. Pelennor Rigby.

4. Underneath the Aragorn.

5. Some Enchanted Elfling.

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Ma Suggestion...

Album_1I aye had a fond spot for childrens' TV, so I reckon WK should get taegether wi' some of those auld puppet characters such as Bill & Ben, Andy Pandy an' the Woodentops tae dae an album of spooky childrens' songs. Here's ma suggestion...

Tracks I'd like tae see included are:

- There's a Monster Under my Bed

- Say Boo!

- Witches' Brew

- I do not like thee Dr Fell

- Monster Mash

- Ghostbusters

- Bloody Finger

...alang wi' that Bill & Ben classic

- Flobalub

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Album_2Hi, WK, Here's my input. My track list would include:

- Help!

- A Little Help from my Fiends

- I've just seen an Orc

- I am the Ringwraith

- A Hard Night's Night

- I want you

- Mean Mr Sauron

- A Day in the Death

- Baby You're a Dead Man

- When I'm 64,000

By the way, did you spot the three additions to the album cover?

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I have to say that I'm deeply moved by the enthusiasm that everyone is showing for my project! I particularly like Sir Noel's suggestion; I've been a fan of Val Doonican for many years - ever since I threw him off the bridge of Khazard-dum in the Mines of Moria. I should explain that in the past we soldiers of Mordor had a whole host of activities in addition to casting folk into the Fires of Mount Doom. But that was before the budget cuts. The Big S (Lord Sauron to you lot) got really upset because of the amount we were spending on travel, recruitment and training and so he rationalized the whole business plan to focus on utilization of resources closer to home. But I digress; back to the task in hand.  I'm not sure I understand Spiderman's suggestion.  Who are those two strange women?  Are they hobbits?  One looks a little like Samwise Gamgees wife Rosie. Anyway, thank's for the support and I'm really looking forward to getting into the studio...

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Additions spotted

Nice cover Wyle and yes I spotted WK, Postman Pat and the inventor of the AWT.

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I cannae see the inventor chappie but I hae spotted WK, Postman Pat and Clint Eastwood.

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Two strange women

The two women on the cover are from Angmar.  They were chosen because when placed on the the cover with the WK, the WK is not the most scarey thing there.

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I Say!

I must say, Spiderman, I like your approach. I look quite dapper between those two Angmar hags!

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Start recording, we have a winner!

Following unprecedented support from users for our latest poll, I can now announce the winner as "Mount Doom Casualties Club" submitted by Wyle E. Coyote.  You can see the final results here.  So WK, get into the recording studio and lay down some tracks man.  Thanks for all your votes.