You didn't get that in an hour!

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In today's fast paced modern World, everyone wants stuff quick.  Nobody wants to wait for anything.  So I thought it would be good to get a list of things that, even today, you cannot get in a hour.  High quality items or complex detailed items, who knows?  I leave it in your capable hands.

P.S. Please make sure I don't get the tumbleweed image from the big 'A' for this blog, by posting your ideas now.

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Me first...

Despite the temptation for me (and for everyone else I guess) to totally ignore this post, thus ensuring that Spiderman gets this month's tumbleweed award, let me open up. This is a very broad challenge and one which I think members will interpret differently, but here goes...
In one hour you cannot get...
- From the back of the queue to the serving counter at the post office;
- Checked in for a flight;
- Past the Metro Centre on the A1 on a Saturday;
- One-tenth of the way through the LOTR trilogy;
- Microsoft Windows installed;
- Heinz Tomato Ketchup out of the bottle without hitting the bottom.

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I didn't get these in an hour

My glassesMy eye isn't what it used to be so I recently needed to get a new pair of glasses.  As you can see, I didn't get these in an hour!

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Not this...

I suspect our local bobby General Urko didn't get his rather elaborate helmet in an hour...



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Not arf

Occchhhhh. My old mate the Hairy Cornflake didn't get this shirt made in an hour either...GOTCHA Dave...ochhhhhhhhh...

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This site !

I didn't get this site up and running in an hour...It took at least 1½. Wink