Favourite stamps

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Stamps are great, perfectly formed miniature works of art, that we stick in the top corner of envelopes and somehow they transport our letters across the World.

The regular ones are fairly boring with just a silhouetted head of some sort, but I particularly like the special sets that appear throughout the year.  Normally they celebrate some event or aniversary and sometimes are designed by ordinary members of the public.


I've always wanted to design a set of stamps, as I'm sure you all have, well now's your chance.  Just post the image you would like to see as a stamp and I'll 'stamp-a-size' the best ones and add them to the gallery.
Just to start you off, I've converted some of our members avatars and a lovely set of china dogs, hopefully providing you all with the inspiration you need.

Wyle's stampBergerac's stampMike's stampWitch King's stampHitler the dog's stampRoosevelt the dog's stampMussolini the dog's stampChurchill the dog's stampGeorge Michael's stampGeorge Michael's stampGeorge Michael's stampGeorge Michael's stampTender meat stampDLT's stampOor Wullie's stampRoad Runner's stampSunset ower Loch Jettyshoogle's stampLowry's stamp

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What a fantastic idea. It's always been a dream of mine to see a full set of George Michael commemorative stamps. I'd love to see a collection of his different images throughout the years awkwardly framed in the above format. If you could stretch to a 'cast of That's My Boy' or 'Sykes' as well I'd be very appreciative.

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Occhhhhhhh! How about a stamp of my old mate Dhee L Teeee heeee heeee....occchhhhhh! etc...

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Favorite stamps

I'd like to see some lovely tender meat appear on a stamp (I'm sure Spiderman would too) I know it's highly unlikely but...any chance?

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Spoilt for choice

One word...fantastic. Now how about 'That's my boy' and 'Sykes' eh?

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Clashing coconuts! That's perfect! Why, that meat's lovely and tender. Monsieur Administrator, you are spoiling us...

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Nice tender stamp

That tender meat stamp is my all time favourite stamp, thanks for suggesting it Galen. Oh and by the way if anyone would like to buy some meat, just let me know.

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I'm not a great fan of fresh meat myself. I prefer mine to be rotting off the bone and I especially like a cut where it's clear that the 'provider' has been through a lot of torment. That's why I need Granpaw's 'pepperies' actually, because after a good meal of rotting flesh and a side of lime pickle my breath is none too charming. A lot of folk think the stench is the breath of my fell beast but actually I just use him as an excuse. Everytime I burp I just kick him and shout "Norman!". If someone could design an activated charcoal filter that would fit inside my face mask...

Anyway, what was the subject? Oh yes, stamps. I don't know anything about them; but don't I look the part on mine? The sky is a bit... well... blue; can't we do a threatening grey?

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RoadrunnerCan I nominate my old adversary the Roadrunner to be featured on a stamp? Preferably a very heavy one made by ACME traveling at a high speed?

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Oor Wullie

Oor WullieWhit aboot a stamp for oor very ain Wullie? He's a braw symbol o' Scotland!

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The sky is a bit...

The sky is a bit... well... blue; can't we do a threatening grey?

I agree witchie and have modified it to suit.  Hope it meets with your approval now.

Also Granpaw and Wyle, I've added your suggestions too.

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Loch JettyshoogleThon Administrator is a mischievous laddie, is he no'?  Onyway, here's a picter I took durin' my recent trip tae the But an' Ben.  It's ca'd 'Sunset ower Loch Jettyshoogle'.  It'll look braw as a stamp.


An' ye've got some work tae dae convertin' a' these photos fowks are postin', so dinnae go fallin' ahind, noo, laddie.  Ach! I see ye're catchin' up.  Oor Wullie looks braw, does he no'?

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Hmmmm... Yes, much better; it looks just like Mordor.  Also, judging by the sky on Bergie's stamp it looks like he has been to Shields after all...

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Maybe he has been to Shields

Sorry, Mr. Administrator, we appear to have wandered off the plot again.  Do you think the last few posts should be moved to a more appropriate place?

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My favourite stamp

Inspired by this article, any painting by LS Lowry would make a favourite stamp for me.