The Broons

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Every second year for as long as I can remember, I have received a Broons book for Christmas. I always loved reading the everyday antics of the large Scottish family. Indeed one of this sites founding members is part of that family.

One thing that's stood firm over the years is the use of a broad Scottish dialect in the dialogue. As the artists have changed, most characters have stayed the same but one was always changing. Maggie Broon is the glamourous second oldest sister and for some reason, she never looks the same!

So I thought I would investigate: The Ever Changing Face of Maggie Broon and maybe have a public vote to find out which one you think is the best.

Also, I'd like to have a fantastic Broons Phrase Competition, where users could submit short punchy lines that contain the most ridiculous Broons language. (Oh and I think in the interests of fairness, Grandpaw you can't enter, ye auld scunner.)

So here we go then.  Over the next few pages you can enjoy all things Broons.
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I'll be the judge o' that, then...

Jinks! Thank ye, laddie, for givin' us Broons oor ain spot on yer wee website. Did ye ken that us Broons first appeared in the Sunday Post on March 8 1936? I'm 150 years auld but I dinnae feel a day ower 80 an' I can still ootrun PC Murdoch...