Broons phrase competition

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Inspired by the posts of Grandpaw, I thought it would be good to get users to submit phrases in the Broons style.  It's not as easy as it sounds I can assure you but why not give it a go.


Here's a couple to get you started:

 - Me Uncle Doad's tales were sae tall ye had tae stand up a ladder tae hear them.

 - Er...aye I wis fightin'. I admit it I'm a silly auld gowk!

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OK, here goes...

I havnae laughed so hard since big Tam Mackay wis banned frae the boolin' club for shooglin' the table durin' the final of the draughts competition...

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Whit? Whit? That phrase frae Wyle E. is oot ma diary! He must hae had a wee peek when ma coat wis hangin' in the locker room at the boolin' club! He should be banned frae the contest! Mind ye, I hae a mind that thon wee fly Administrator put him up tae it.

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Caught Red-handed

Oh dear, I was caught red-handed there! I have to admit that Grawpaw is right and the Administrator did put me up to it. Anyway, this phase is entirely my own... "Cock-eye the noo! It's a brick-brack moonlight nicht the nicht!" not bad eh?

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Cheating not really possible

I don't really think it's possible to cheat at this.  I'm just after the funniest phrases and don't really care where they come from.  So nice work Wyle.

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Phrases for sale

Och! that's a'richt then. If onyane wants tae buy a winnin' phrase then I'm yer man. Mind ye, dinnae tell the rest o' the family or else I'll be black afronted.

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I dint need ony from yee

I dee nar how yee ixpect to get ony money for yar phrases Granpaw, a'body nars that it as easy as oot to dee the lingo.  In fact, ah reekon that ahm so good that ah cud sell them as weel.  Yee lot let me nar if yoo need oot.