Cast of the Broons movie

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Inspired by a comment on the Maggie Broon page, I thought it would be a great idea to cast real actors or celebrities into the roles of the Broons movie.  Obviously their appearance is a bit of an issue, especially Maggie as it's ever changing. So I thought I would provide you with the ultimate set of Broons family images, on which to base the castings.


So here is that ultimate set with some of your suggestions, why they're almost photographs:

Captain Birdseye
Bill Owen
Uncle Albert
Sean Connery
Alf Garnett
Del Boy Trotter
Peter Kay
Jennifer Saunders
Charlie Chaplin
John Cleese
Rodney Trotter
John Prescott
Galen's lass Zira
Dawn French
Dolph Lundgren
Ed Harris
Dame Vera Lynne
Daniel Radcliffe
Ronnie Corbett
Elton John
Alf Alfa
Ae TwinAe Twin
Sean Astin
Billy Boyd
Ither TwinIther Twin
Elijah Wood
Dominic Monaghan
Victorian china doll
Shirley Temple

Post your comments below and I'll summarise them next to the images.  Let's make a movie !

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Wink Daphne could be played by John Prescott.

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Based on the above evidence: Granpaw could be played by the original Captain Birdseye (I'm sure this site's own Granpaw has a few ideas on who should play him though...) None other than that proud, nationalistic Scot (you know, the one that lives in Hollywood) Sir Sshhean Connery should play Paw Peter Kay for Maw ("ladied" up) Not sure who should play that well known character Hitler Broon...Charlie Chaplin maybe? You're richt...Prezza for Daphne Dolph Lundgren fae Joe Don't recognise the blonde, but Dame Vera Lynne would make a good likeness...or Madonna My personal favourite Horace could be played by Daniel Radcliffe for extreme close ups (and maybe Lord Ronnie Corbett for long distance shots) The twins could be played by that young Hobbit fella from Lord O' the Rings...he's tiny (they could save money on CGI by having him carry a full length mirror to give the impression of two identical people)...or better still, and cheaper...Bros! The Bairn could be played by a ventriloquist dummy...or a scary Victorian china doll...think of the "Chucky" films.  Why no Hen or Maggie by the way?

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Real photographs

That's a very comprehensive list, and I have to say I agree with all of them.  Thanks for your input on this very important topic.

Why no Hen or Maggie by the way?

These are real photographs of the real Broons family.

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Planet ae thon Daphnes

Might I put forward our lass, Zira, as a contender for the Daphne role?

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Yes, she's a bit of a looker though, so I'm not sure Daphne would be the right choice.  She definetley has a part though. (Fitted on the bottom half of her face).

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Ma considered opinion...

I aye thought that Bill Owen wid dae a guid Granpaw Broon. He wis a wee fly monkey jis' like ma self. Mind ye, he'd hae tae lose thon wellies and get a guid pair o' tackety boots. An' that lanky dreep Hen aye mided me o' John Cleese what wi' his silly walk an' a'. Ma wee lamb, the bairn, is a dead ringer for Shirley Temple.

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Any more for any more

More suggestions would be welcome here. What abount Elton (my hair is real) John for Horace and Alf Garnett (wearing the wig that Elton doesn't need) for Paw.

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Last call

I've updated the images above to include the suggestions so far, if you have any more let me have them now.

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Hang on...

Here are my suggestions and comments:
In the 'photograph', which is obviously a few years old, Horrace looks like he belongs with the Little Rascals, so Alf Alfa could play him. Ed Harris could play Joe. Dawn French could play Daphne and Jennifer Saunders could play Maw. The family in Only Fools & Horses could play Granpaw (Uncle Albert), Paw (Del) and Hen (Rodney). There were actually dozens of hobbit fellas in LOTR but in the main roles Sean Astin played Samwise Gamgee (the fat hobbit); Billy Boyd played Pippin; Elijah Wood played Frodo and Dominic Monaghan played Merry. I think Billy and Dominic would best fit the roles of the twins. It's a shame there's not an obvious part for Robbie Coltrane so maybe he could play PC Murdoch?