The ever changing face of Maggie Broon

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Over the years Maggie Broon for some reason has changed in appearance. I don't know what the explanation is for this as all the other characters have remained fairly consistent. Just in case you think I am exaggerating, I have compiled an album of pictures.
Maggie Broon Face 1Maggie Broon Face 2Maggie Broon Face 3Maggie Broon Face 4Maggie Broon Face 5Maggie Broon Face 6Maggie Broon Face 7Maggie Broon Face 8Maggie Broon Face 9
It's quite remarkable how much variation there is. The first 3 are the ones I think of as Maggie, but maybe it's like Dr.Who and your favourite is the one that was there when you were at the right age to enjoy it most.
Maybe Grandpaw could shed some light on this. 
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Lassies will be lassies

Ach! Lassies are aye changin' their appearance. Paintin' their faces wi' make up, changin' their hairdos and all that fancy stuff. I ken for a fact that oor Maggie spends mair on fashion than I spend on ma boolin' club dues! I cannae believe it!

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Thanks Grandpaw

Thanks for your comments Grandpaw and I have to agree with them. I think Maggie has taken it to the extreme though, especially in the 7th image.

It's nowt like her!

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I have tae agree

Aye, Laddie, I have tae agree with ye there. The lassie disnae look well at a'!

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True enough

True enough - you'd be hard pushed to find one person for the role of Maggie based on her looks - if there was ever to be a "real-life" film made of the Broons (if only!). However using no 2 as a template, non-other than Coronations Street's Sally Webster would be ideal...


But as for no7 - surely only the late, lead singer of the Sweet would fit the bill...


Or if he wasn't available...

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How about...

Based on her amazing transformation in the movie 'Monster', Charlize Theron would be a contender to play all the various Maggies, as would Angelina Joli, who played a shape-shifting siren in the movie 'Beowulf'. It looks to me like Maggie's been the unfortunate victim of bad plastic surgery. After all, how else could she stay glamourous over a period of 70 years?

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Sweet or Dennis

Hopefully the late lead singer of Sweet will be available, but I guess Dennis would do.

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Close Streep

What about Meryl Streep or Glenn Close for number 8.