Castle Quest

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The game was written for the ZX Spectrum 48K in 1982 and consists of 20 levels of castle rampart arcade action.


Unfortunately there are no independent reviews, download sites or JPEG copies of the magazine advertisement for this old lowly game.


Castle Quest start-up screenCastle Quest start-up screen
Here are some screen shots of the actual game. Firstly the start-up screen. Only 2 control options, keyboard and kempston joystick. Note the "Clear Memory" option, even I don't know what that was really for, it just unloads the game by resetting the Spectrum!
Castle Quest level 1Castle Quest level 1
Next we see the first level of play. The idea is to get from the right hand side of the screen to the left, which is strange in itself, most games play from left to right . You are that little white guy with a caterpillar track for legs to save on animation. Obviously there is the usual hazards and nasties to avoid. Each level is time bound, the bar at the top shows how much time is left.
Castle Quest level 2Castle Quest level 2
Here we see the second level, with spiders going up and down and a moving platform that you need to ride on. Timing was critical here, you had to time things to avoid the spider in the low position. Watch out though, when that bar at the top reaches the end of the red bit, you're dead!


You can use the links below to download your very own copy of the game to run in your favourite emulator, or click the Play Castle Quest link to go to the next page to play the game right here, right now in your browser!


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