Frank N Stein

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The game was written for the ZX Spectrum 48K in 1984 and consists of 50 levels of arcade horror action. This was the advertising blurb.


The Setting
Professor F. N. Stein's laboratory in his castle in the Black Forest.


The Game
50 Screens requiring timing, logic and planning to complete.


The Opposition
Too many to list here but featuring snails, bats, ice (it makes you slip), fireman's pole, man-eating pumpkins, spiders, slime (it slows you down), caterpillars, tanks, springs, light bulbs (they electrocute you), mice, lobsters, snakes, bumble bees, jack-in-the-box etc.


The Object
As you know, all the best monsters are hand built. Prof. Stein's life long ambition has always been to build his own monster - but first he needs all the bits! You guide him around the dungeon picking up the bones - make sure you get the right order - then activate him by throwing the switch - the longer you take to complete each screen, the higher will be the charge you give him - and the angrier he will become - so watch out!


Frank N Stein loading screenFrank N Stein loading screen
Here are some screen shots of the actual game. Firstly we see the infamous loading screen that takes longer to load than the game itself! Every part of the pixilated image is carefully positioned in order to align with the Spectrums crude low resolution colour grid.

Frank N Stein menu screenFrank N Stein menu screen
Next we see the start-up screen. (Just look at that selection of control options!).

Frank N Stein level 1Frank N Stein level 1
Here we see the first level of play. The idea is to create the monster's skeleton by building it up piece by piece, in the right order. Obviously there is the usual hazards and nasties to avoid.

Frank N Stein level 2Frank N Stein level 2
Here we see the second level. Now you have built the monster, applied the power and brought him to life! So now obviously you want to distroy him?? Pressing that plunger at the top somehow makes him disappear!


You can use the links below to download your very own copy of the game to run in your favourite emulator, or click the Play Frank N Stein link to go to the next page to play the game right here, right now in your browser!


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