Frank N Stein 2011

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With all the recent interest in the old ZX Spectrum classic games, I was inspired to make a second version of Frank N Stein for 2011, containing the extra features that I wanted in the original version, but just didn't make it.


After much deliberation I came up with the name "Frank N. Stein Re-booted" which just works (in my opinion) on so many levels, especially as the monster has a lovely new pair of boots!


As with the original version, the idea is to create the monster's skeleton by building it up piece by piece, in the right order. Then apply the power and bring him to life! On the even levels, you need to destroy the monster and now it's a little more Donkey Kong style and you can jump! You still need the springs though, in order to jump high enough and get to the next platform.


I've added a sneaky preview below for those of you who can't wait. See if you can spot any other new features, additions or changes.


Oh, and good luck!

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Frank N Stein Re-booted case
Keys:  Z - Move left    X - Move right    M - Activate/Jump
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Looking good!

Looking good!