Administrator appears !

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I was just about to post a question on why the Administrator doesn't have a face; when all of a sudden the Administrator does have a face!

Y'know how the 'google' banner on the homepage changes to reflect current events? Perhaps the Administrator's face could change in a similar manner? In fact, site users could send in their impression of what the Administrator looks like with the 'winner' being featured for the month or the week?

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Great idea !

That's a great idea. If anyone needs a clue, then my current image is the spitting-dab.

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Administrator identity

Just a guess...

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The real administrator...

I know for a fact THIS is the administrator...


Ochhhhhhhh!'s my old mate DLT....occhhhhhhh etc

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Frown I don't like this competition anymore.

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I'm sympathetic...

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Administrator Revealed

AdministratorAch! Now that ye fowks hae had yer fun I can reveal that this wee laddie is the Administrator. I took the picture ma self. Mind ye, it's been in ma camera since 1966 so he has maybe changed a wee bit but it's him richt enough. Even auld Doad McTurk would recognize him and he's got twa glass eyes.

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Nice one Granpaw, he has more than a passing resemblance to "The Bairn" don't you reckon?

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How very dare you

The BairnThe Other BairnWell I've never heard anything so ridiculous. The picture of me, errr ahem I mean that picture that Grandpaw posted is a fake. Furthermore I look nothing like, errr ahem I mean it looks nowt like "The Bairn".

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Och, aye!

Aye, Bergerac, I see yer point.  Mind ye, I must confess that when I first came across that auld picture I wis in twa minds whether tae post it here or in the sympathetic ape forum.

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More competition

Unbelievable! Just when I thought that little ginger fella had stolen my crown...

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Bergerac appears!

This comment thread has been moved here.

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Administrator does appear

It's me !

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Dancing with Bergerac's cousin

Bergerac's cousin dancing Administrator dancing

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Prime movers

Good to see the boys from BBC's Masterchef (AKA "This Pair") letting their hair down, if you'll excuse the expression. Or is it TV chef Simon Rimmer and Middlesbrough Mayor Ray Mallon acting boffo at the local disco? Or maybe a future incarnation of WHAM! reforming and getting back on tour for the same dubious reason's as the recent Spandau Ballet shenanigans....just a thought.

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Ah friends, what a fantastic routine. Reminds me of a great do a while back at the Boldon Big Club, where the fabulous turn - 'Men in Black' gave a second to none performance, with moves that will haunt me for the rest of my days. Funny, now I come to think of it...was that you there that night Bergerac shouting "taxi to Shields" down your old fashioned mobile phone? Sincerely, Galen.

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Taxi to Shields? Taxi for Galen more like! I've said it once, and I'll say it again...should have gone to Specsavers.