Errors in 'Recent comments' Clock

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The timer in the 'Recent comments' pane at the bottom right of the screen does not properly keep track of time since posting.
Wyle E.

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Seems OK to me

Not sure what the problem is here, it seems to be working OK. Undecided

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Let me explain...

I posted a comment and under the newly posted comment in 'recent' comments' was ' 1 second ago'.  I was on the site for about 20 minutes, moving between screens but the time was still registered as ' 1 second ago'.  In the other places where the clock is displayed the time was updating OK.  After I logged out and logged back in the clock had updated.  I'll watch what happens when I post this comment....

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An update...

I've waited around a bit, moved between screens, hit refresh and the timer under my last comment still says '1 sec ago'...

After hitting 'Preview' it has updated to 3 min 28 sec ago.  What actions make it update?

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No background tasks

As the site has no background task running, other than a CRON task once a day during the night, it relies on site activity to update recent post settings.  I guess therefore, the fact that the site currently has little traffic, is reason the counters don't get updated often enough.