Inappropriate dog names

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Inspired by a post about a dog called 'Alan', I thought how inappropriate that name was for a dog.  I'm sure that there are lots of other names out there that would be just, if not more inappropriate.  Make your suggestions here and I'll run a poll to find out which one our members think is the most inappropriate.  What are you waiting for, get those names in now!

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My dogs called...

I have a lovely dog called Peter.  He's a right character, he keeps chewing through my lycra suit and eating my webs.  I'd like to enter him for the poll.

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David. Derek. Hitler. Barbapapa. Bagpuss. King Henry VIII. Gary. Simon. Keith. Geoff. Chaiman Mao. Philip. Dennis Wateman.

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Ma pal's doag

I dinnae hae a doag masel' but ma pal Eck frae the boolin' club has ane called James Maynard Kitchener Lampwick, or Jimmy for short.

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Dear me...

This site is really going to the dogs...Wink

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Ochhhhh...Tony Blackburn - an old DJ colleague of mine had a dog called Arnold which he kept in a dustbin by his mixing desk. His tinny, monotonous "Woof woof" catchphrase could be heard during Tony's 'Junior Choice' show on Saturday mornings back in "The Golden Age" of Radio 1 and even in the show's theme tune. Not sure what happened to poor Arnlold, but the day after he disappeared form the airwaves, they put a lovely curry on in the BBC canteen...ochhhhhhh...only joking.....GOTCHA!

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I've got a good name

My dog's called Steve, that's a fairly inappropriate name for a dog.  Isn't it ?

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Inappropriate dog

Hi Mike - Depends on the breed I suppose. If Steve's anything other than a poodle, then yes, that is inappropriate. Best wishes, Galen.

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Inappropriate Spelling!

I've kept my tongue between my teeth for as long as I can waiting for the Administrator to correct the spelling of 'Inappropriate' in the title block.  It really comes to something when an American (yes, folks, this site has a transatlantic membership base) has to tell an Englishman to correct his spelling...

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Ooops, it's fixed

DunceThanks Wyle, speling wos neva my stgong poynt.