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Greetings peasants. Is there any lasses on this site like? I love a lass, me...

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Drawn to your photo

Hi Henry,

I'm a lass and I was looking around some websites when I saw your picture on this site and thought "He looks ahlreet".

Anyway, what is it you love about a lass?

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Greetings Ann of Shields. Shields ye say?


Glad you think I look "ahlreet", I'll dig out a few pics of me that look even ahlreeter and post them soone for your enjoyment.


In answer to your question: Basically any lass who's not "a bit of a Daphne". I didn't take a sharpe intake of breath when I saw your fizzog so you're in with a shoute like...but I'm still gonna have a look at other lasses minde ye...