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Hello, everyone, I'm the Witch-king of Angmar (WK for short).  I found my way here by (rather vainly) 'Googling' my own name and discovering that someone on this site had nominated me as the ultimate scary person.  Well, I was somewhat taken aback while at the same time happy to be acknowledged so I decided to sign up.

Minas MorgulI'm a Ringwraith by trade and being a harbinger of doom, death and destruction I sometimes find it difficult to socialize, so on-line contact suits me very well.  However, I should advise you not to reveal too much about yourself, or else I will surely hunt you down and destroy you.  I remember one poor soul I was torturing uttered a mere two words: "Baggins" and "Shire" and that led to all sorts of trouble you wouldn't believe.  But enough about work; my main hobbies are horse riding and flying field beasts.  I also like to dabble a little and I am the inventor of the Morgul-blade, which I used to great effect at Weathertop to inflict a serious mortal wound on a hobbit named Frodo Baggins.  My only other claim to fame was killing Theoden king of Rohan at the battle of Pelennor Fields - but the least said about the outcome of that the better.  As my name suggests I originally lived in Angmar in Middle Earth but then moved south to my current abode of Minas Morgul.  It may not be as cosy as Grandpaw's But an' Ben but it's home to me and I've included a photo.  Well, I'll have to get back to work since there's a pesky Maia I have to deal with but in closing I have to say that I'm looking forward to contributing and hope I can live (sic) up to the high standard I've observed on this site. 

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Welcome WK

Well hello there WK.  It's always great to see new members, I'm looking forward to your contributions.

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Which Witch

Howdy WK, pleased to make your aquaintance.  Just wondering, do you know The Witch Queen...aaaaaaaaaahhh...of New Orleans?  Wasn't sure if you mystical types had some kind of monthly social networking do or not.  It's just she owes me a pound, if you wouldn't mind dropping a gentle hint...

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I know her

Uruk-HaiYes, I know Marie LaVeau.  I met her in the Prancing Pony in Bree and we seemed to get along fine, so when she invited me to the sorcerers' bingo night in New Orleans I accepted, thinking that her work in zombification and reincarnation would complement our development of the Uruk-hai.  Anyway, after a few outings she asked to borrow five quid and I never saw her again.  I tracked her through the marshes until her trail disappeared.  I will however keep hunting her and when I ultimately catch up with her she will cough up the six quid she owes (appropriately adjusted for interest and inflation) before I cast her into the fires of Mount Doom, which is the programme we use in Mordor for the rehabilitation of thieves and other petty criminals.  I've attached a photo of one of my Uruk-hai pals taken during a child-eating contest.

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Thanks WK. That's a load off my mind - a pound's a pound after all. But at least I wasn't fleeced for a fiver, so I'll count my blessings. By the way - keep 20p for yourself once you collect (let's call it a "finder's fee"). Happy hunting. As for the photo - I love children, but not sure if I could eat a whole one. Best Wishes, Galen.

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Winning favour

I can't help get the feeling that you are trying to win favour with the big WK, Galen.  But based on Bergerac's current situation, I don't think that's a bad thing.  All that said, 20p is a fair price for the recovery of the pound.

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What me - win favour? Never! Ahem...

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I'm new too !

This looks like a great site, everyone so friendly and all, I'll have to keep my eye on it, to see where I can best contribute. So anyway I have my account now so I'm good and all set.

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Hi, Mike

Welcome to our community, Mike.  I take it that you're an American, since Brits don't normally say 'I'm good and all set'.  For that matter, neither do Americans, though I can recall hearing it in Western New York State a few years back...

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Hey dude, thanks man

Hey dude, thank for the welcome man. You're right I am from state side and have spent some time in the up-state.  Anyways, I might bump into you sometime Wyle, you take care now.