Nvidia and ATI Review

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NVIDIA: Ye'd hae tae be a scunner tae buy ane.  SCORE: 4 oot o' 10

ATI: This ane is braw.  Mind ye, Archie at the boolin' club has ane an' it disnae work at a'.  SCORE: 6 oot o' 10

SUMMARY: I widnae gi' ye twa sookers for ony o' 'em.


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Nvidia -vs- ATI

I have to concur with Granpaw's sentiments; my experiences with ATI are not as bad as those with Nvidia, though overall I can't say I'm satisfied with either.  This opinion iis formed mainly due to poor stability and driver problems with both engines.

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By the way...

Mind ye, if yer interested in a vote between the PC an' the Apple then the PC gets ma vote.  Ma wheelbarrrow hasnae been the same since I installed Snow Leopard...

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Linux Rules

I feel you made a mistake installing Snow Leopard on your wheelbarrow, Granpaw.  Most garden equipment runs best on Linux.  My shed door had squeeked for years under Windows but works perfectly since I changed to Linux.  Linux also does all of my washing and ironing and mows the lawn, benefits which I never experienced with Windows or OSX.

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Hedge trimmer

I have a hedge trimmer that runs really well on OSX Jaguar.