Why is it called Windows 7 ?

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Seems like an obvious question but I got to thinking about it because I've used at least a dozen versions of Windows over the years.  Maybe those guys at Redmond, WA count differently?  Then I remebered the 'ver' command, which tells you the kernal version and build.  Open a command window and type 'ver'.  Sure enough, Windows NT (yes, I still have it) is 4.0.  Windows 2000 is 5.0.  Windows XP is 5.1.  I'm definitely on to something here.  Windows Vista is 6.0.  Windows 7 (beta) is 6.1...


OK, maybe because last year was a leap year...

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Ah it all makes sence now

I guess then, following that logic, Windows 98 must have been 3.0 as well as Windows 95 and ME.

But then Windows 3.1 must have been 2.0 Undecided

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Actually, Windows 95, 98, 98SE and ME were all version 4.x which would leave 3.0, 3.1, 3.11 as version 3.x.  The only one that doesn't follow the 'ver' rule is Windows 7.  In my view it's because MS doesn't want to make it too obvious that Windows 7 uses the Vista kernal...


By the way, I was just about to post a question on why the Administrator doesn't have a face; when all of a sudden the Administrator does have a face!  Another mystery solved...

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It's all clear now

Well that's the Windows version number issue all nice and clear now.

As for my face, yes it has appeared.  All part of some general improvements including a change to the forum, blog and comments layout, to make them more readable.  It all looked a bit messy before.  Hope you like it.


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