Completely useless celebrity

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There have been loads of completely useless celebrities over the years but I'm looking for the ones that have made a living at being useless.
So who's the new completely useless celebrity.
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Oh! let me think...

...for about a nanosecond.  Paris Hilton?

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Whit a pair

Neil and Christine Hamilton

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Keith Chegwin was on TV this morning and he demonstrated once again that he's completely useless.  On the same programme was Matthew Kelly and I ended up debating whether his hair was real or not.  Perhaps the Administrator would like to set up a 'celebrities with dubious hair' commentary.  And before you ask, Paul Daniels, Bruce Forsyth and Elton John all have real hair.

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Pa's mouser...

Ha! That's a guid ane.  I think a'body kens that ma beard is the real thing but I somtimes hae ma doubts aboot Pa's moustache.

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Matthew Kelly

I can assure you, folks, that Matthew Kelly's hair and erstwhile beard were fashioned from 100% nylon. He had to lose the beard after it went up in a blue light during an unfortunate 'Game for a Laugh' birthday cake/candles incident. He always looked better with it though, don't you reckon?

For the record - my hair and "beard" are real.

As for useless "celebrities" surely the "new Hamiltons" Jordan 'Katie' Price and 'Peter' Andre must qualify. The phrase "not spoiling two homes" comes to mind...