Frank N. Stein Re-booted

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The wait is finally over.  "Frank N. Stein Re-booted" has been release to the World, exactly 27 years to the day since the original release.  The new version is bigger and better, with more levels, enemies and fun.  The intermediate levels have been dramatically improved and are now almost another mini-game within a game.  So you now get twice the fun.
I've added the game to my Frank N. Stein pages here, so you can play it right now in your browser.
The TZX file is also available from the WOS archive or using the link at the bottom of this page, if you'd rather run the game in your favourite emulator.
Here are a few screen shots, just so you know what you are up against
Loading screen Title menu screen First new level New intermediate level Another new level New intermediate levelFrank N Stein Re-booted case
I hope you all enjoy this new incarnation of my original classic game, let me know what you think, good or bad.
FrankNSteinRebooted.TZX44.25 KB